PHARMASOULZ - is a Mumbai based pharmaceutical services company providing consultancy and services to the health care industry and its professionals.

Pharmasoulz provides strategic and pharmacovigilance services to help clients develop and implement safety and surveillance programs for their products, medico-marketing services, medical writing and medical training.

Pharmasoulz PHARMACOVIGILANCE SERVICES include the following:

 PSUR Writing
 SOP Writing
 Medical assessment of cases
 Narrative writing
 Writing CIOMS reports
 Pharmacovigilance training / workshops
 Providing training material including slides
 Conducting face to face trainings
 Medical literature review
 Risk Management Plans Writing
 Consultation for setting up of Pharmacovigilance (PV) units in hospitals / pharmaceutical companies

Pharmasoulz MEDICO-MARKETING SOLUTIONS are comprehensive, definitive and crystal clear and include the following services for:

 Provision of Medical Content

1. Medical rationales
2. Medical content for marketing/ promotional inputs viz. Visual aid, leave behind leaflets, newsletters, other promotional materials
3. Medical content support for drug launches

Pharmasoulz MEDICAL TRAINING SERVICES include the following:

 Powerpoint presentations
(product/disease/treatment/safety/miscellaneous medical)

1.  For training field force
2.  For Continued Medical Education (CMEs)
3.  For product promotion

 Conducting medical trainings

1.  For sales representatives
2.  For healthcare professionals
3.  For pharma industry staff

 Customized training as per requirement
Pharmasoulz MEDICAL WRITING SERVICES include the following:

  Scientific articles for journals
  Case Studies
  Medical articles for newsletters, magazines etc
  Training Manuals
  Product monographs

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